I am a freelance copywriter/content writer. Originally trained as a fashion journalist at the UAL, I have worked as a  journalist and stylist for all of my career, and have in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, from brands to luxury. I write creative content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle platforms, as well as cleantech companies who need scientific copy written in an accessible manner.   My copy for Sky News is used across all graphics and for auto prompt. Thanks for stopping by. 

Ethique. Small Company, Zero Plastic, and a Dog with a Bow Wow Bar.

Ethique began making natural beauty bars as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally each year. All Ethique products produce zero plastic, in addition to being vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free and sustainable. Hell, even the packaging is virtuous, being totally biodegradable and compostable. How cool is that? The offering is a bar of goodness, packed with 100% biodegradable, sustainable and naturally derived ingredients.

Mary Quant, Visionary Disruptor.

Watch my interview about Mary Quant with BBC News here: V&A Museum will open an exhibition devoted to her work today. Mary Quant invented the sixties, along with the mini skirt, hot pants, go go boots, coloured tights, PVC and shift dresses. Her influence on fashion was, and continues to be, enormous. She was a true disrupter, and broke the power of the French couture houses. Prior to her arrival the scene in the late fifties, fashion was dominated by stuffy, fussy clothes which were expensiv


WHY WE SHOULD ALL BE RECYCLING END OF LIFE TEXTILES. Yesterday something extraordinary happened. Landsec, the property company which counts Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford, in it's portfolio, responded to the new government call to charge retailers a 1p tax on each garment sold with an innovative initiative. They have set up a new clothing recycling scheme which, if successful, it could roll out across its full estate. The sustainability manager of Landsec, Tom Byrne, said “Clothing banks have existed for a number of years, but what we feel has been missing is a landlord-led initiative which can really drive up recycling rates in key retail destinations; our kiosk will bring the experience of recycling to life for customers and we’re hopeful that a less passive waste strategy will translate into greater enthusiasm for recycling textiles. To see such initiatives from property companies is a sign of the times, and a late, but welcome, the acknowledgment that the resources of the earth are finite, and under pressure. There is no reason why we cannot start to clean up our act and make the effort to recycle end of life textiles. I believe a big part of the solution to the pollution which comes from textiles lies in cleantech companies like Worn Again Technologies. All dramatic, disruptive and life-enhancing change started out as an idea of how things could be. This is the way of giants, from Marie Curie with penicillin, Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press, and Semmelweis, the father of hand washing. A couple of months back, while researching a Sky News item on the devastating impact fast fashion on the environment, I came across Worn Again, a cleantech company. I believe that this company, and others like it, are working on solutions which will have far-reaching benefits for the environment. The CEO, Cyndi Rhodes, started her journey with the simple idea of breathing new life into old fabrics. Her vision was to find a solution for eradicating textiles waste. Some years later, her cleantech company is on track for achieving just that.

Kick Ass Ruby Slippers

‘Notice what happened to our Dorothy after she swiped the Wicked Witch of the West’s ruby slippers? Dorothy’s life suddenly started going down the yellow brick road. She confronted her fears, found the Wizard and discovered there was no place like home. She by- passed therapy, cellulite, being fat, messy relationships and bad hair days to arrive exactly where she wanted to be: a cool chick in hot red, embellished shoes, complete with edgy sock, epitomising the constant chant of the fashion editors - one great accessory can update even Dorothy.’

What Next for Chinese Woman and Fashion?

"There is a new mood creeping into the Chinese psychology. After a woman has bought up all the named logos she can, and she has a wardrobe full of all the designers she could possible want, she arrives at a moment when she really does not wish to look or dress or even think like her contemporary. At this point, she starts to seek out lesser know, more individual labels. Stores like Lane Crawford are starting to stock and promote lesser know, more quirky labels alongside the giants of the fashion world. Waterstone Store in Beijing stocks over 65 brands including our now home grown talent like Christoper Shannon, Sophie Hulme, Emma Cook and Jonathan Saunders, alongside Balmain, Raf Simons, Maison Martin Margiela, John Galliano and Chalayan."

Vintage Dreams

"Stay subtle. Look at My Sugarland for fantastic dresses and skirts at affordable prices. Start with a silk bra or a corset and add layers - you want to give a preview of what is underneath, not run the full movie. Wear a silky shirt or a lace top over the bra. Team with a pencil skirt, or a tuxedo with the corset. Add light trousers like these gorgeous Malene Birger pale silk ones. Final note - buff your skin to a polished sheen with the excellent Nuxe body oil, spray a little Daisy by Marc Jacobs, add a slick of Nars lipgloss and a rose in your hair."
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