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Published on 12th April 2019

Ethique. Small Company, Zero Plastic, and a Dog with a Bow Wow Bar.

My package from Ethique.

My prayer for the planet is that one day really, really soon, all companies will think like Ethique. I never normally post about specific products on LinkedIn, but this company has a unique and timely message. Founded by Brianne West, Ethique began making natural beauty bars as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally each year. All Ethique products produce zero plastic, in addition to being vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free and sustainable. Hell, even the packaging is virtuous, being totally biodegradable and compostable. How cool is that? The offering is a bar of goodness, packed with 100% biodegradable, sustainable and naturally derived ingredients. I was sent shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, and a Bow Wow bar, as modeled with pride by Luna, my Irish terrier. All smell utterly divine, and the shampoo and conditioner bars are easy to use and work brilliantly.

Luna the Irish Terrier and her new Bow Wow Bar of shampoo for dogs.
Luna the Irish Terrier and her new Bow Wow Bar of shampoo for dogs.
Ethique Lime and Ginger Body Wash Bar.
Leaves skin feeling soft and fragrant. Fantastic product.

Why can't more companies work like this? Packaging across all industries, including the beauty industry, is shocking. Smaller, move fast and break things startups like Ethique are making the more traditional companies look out of touch, uncaring and greedy. According to a YouGov survey, over a quarter of those who responded stated that they have avoided buying a product or service due to it's negative environmental impact of the past year, an increase of 65% since 2016. This is a huge swing from consumers who are worried about the future of the planet, and prepared to back this up with action.

I would love to know what the big players are planning for their sustainable programs, and I hope that the bigger the brand, the more responsibility they will take. Amazon seem to be working hard in this area, and where they lead, many will follow. But it's up to us consumers to vote with the choices we make each and every day. If they are not making huge efforts to be more sustainable, then we can, and must, walk away.

Just look at the packaging, totally biodegradable as well as gorgeous and appealing.